"Unleash the power of IT through workflow automation and augment your success."

Want to declutter all your process silos to ensure the highest productivity and business automation? You are at the right place now to make a wise decision. ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that allows you to automate mundane tasks and improve real-time accessibility.

The world is moving at a fast pace now. To stay competitive and relevant in the market, you need customized workflow automation software that helps you with a single source of truth, breaks the silos of cluttered information, and delays decision-making.

At Niche CloudWare, we offer customized ServiceNow software solutions enabling enterprise-wide process excellence, automation, and integration. Our ServiceNow experts understand your business challenges and IT limitations and create digital workflows that matter to your business. As a leading ServiceNow software consulting company in the USA, we help you gain more value from the platform while minimizing IT and operational costs.

Our ServiceNow solutions

We believe every successful organization has an intelligent workflow. Our ServiceNow solutions connect people, processes, and systems across the organization to drive them towards a common goal.

HR services delivery

We help your HR team devote their time to strategy building rather than to mundane HR-desk operations. Our ServiceNow HR solutions enable automation of the recruitment process, reduce delays in hiring & improve the candidate experience.

IT operations management

We make your IT available and accessible to every stakeholder and employee to accelerate decision-making and prevent unforeseen outages. We make your infrastructure and working culture agile with ServiceNow solutions

IT Business and Services management

We make your IT run more efficiently by streamlining routine functions and integrating IT services and applications into one place to improve the response time and achieve operational flexibility.

Financial management

We won't let you grapple with traditional ledger and Excel sheet operations. Our financial management solutions extract expenses from your general ledger and map them to the functions used internally.

Marketing and customer services

It is imperative to have an omnichannel presence to ensure an undetached experience for customers. We are experts in tailoring hyper-personalized marketing solutions that improve customer experience and bring them back.


Automating the workflows based on your buyer's journey is not easy. We offer the best sales automation solutions that can significantly save you time from processing spreadsheets and manual USP creation.

Governance, security, risk & compliance operations:

We make your business operations comply with the ongoing changes while securing your infrastructure and customer data. Our solutions identify vulnerabilities ahead and improve response time to mission-critical issues.